What’s after this life? Find out!

What’s after this life? Find out!

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Flowers bloom beautifully, then quickly fade. Life is like the morning fog: it’s here a little while, then it it’s gone. Just like a flower, life will end one day…

What’s next?

Our death in future is a certainty: then, what will happen? Unlike the flowers, our souls will live on. Suppose there is indeed a God, Creator of both the flowers and you yourself… Are you like so many others to ignore Him? And what if you die, where would you go without Him? What would happen to you?

The miracle of life on earth

Even the tiniest little flower is composed in an amazing way. The sheer existence of humans, animals and plants, living in the complexity and structure of planet earth and the whole universe, proves there must be a Creator: God. Wouldn’t He be a perfect Being? Indeed: He’s perfect, Holy and Almighty. God is definitely there, even having His eye on you every day.

Result of our lives

God wants a restored contact with you, yes: He loves you with a deep love! But there is one problem: He is Holy, and all the wrong things (sins) you did during your life, separate you from Him. Not only now during this life, but your sins also result in missing out on getting to heaven after this life. For it is not possible for humans to live with a Holy God in heaven while being stained and blemished by sins.

Sacrifice of love

God chose to solve the problem of your sins Himself. About 2000 years ago He sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to earth. Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, took the blame for your sins: sacrificed His live for you when dying on a cross. This was necessary: sins could only be removed by the bloodshed of a Righteous Man. After the cross, the Lord Jesus rose from His grave, and is now alive in heaven at God’s right hand. Only Jesus Christ can remove your sins. No religious life, good deeds or whatever can do that: Jesus Christ is the only Way to God.

God’s offer and condition

This is the truth in short. Ever since the cross, God offers His love, salvation from sins and eternal life to everyone. But there is one condition: faith. What to believe?
1. Believe Jesus Christ is God’s Son;
2. Believe Jesus Christ is the Savior from your sins;
3. Believe Jesus Christ is the living Lord of your life, accept Him as Lord and from now on, allow Him to make you the person He wants you to be.
Only when believing and speaking this out, you can receive forgiveness and salvation from your sins, and have guaranteed eternal life in heaven after your death.

A choice against Jesus Christ results in eternal doom

If you choose to believe nothing or choose against Jesus Christ, you also choose against God Himself. If you think you don’t need Jesus to wash your sins away, you simply stay stained with your own sins and will be judged because of them after this life. The result would be a terrible eternal future without God and no entrance to heaven. Realize this very well!

Choose in time

The choice is up to you: do you believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord or not? There is no other way to get to heaven. Now, during your life on earth, it is the time to make up your mind. People can die unexpectedly or get demented, not having the time or opportunity anymore to make a solid decision to believe in Jesus Christ and ask for His forgiveness. Don’t postpone your choice: today is your day.

If you first want to read more in-depth information with God’s Own Word as the source…

Continue: More Than Flowers

If you’ve already made up your mind to make the best choice ever…

Ready for action

Wishing you the very best!

If you don’t want to read on, may God bless you in this present life anyway, give you and your family good health and old age!

However, we also hope God Himself will work in your heart concerning life after death: by convincing you of sins and judgment. May God’s love attract you towards Him like a magnet! For although He would never force you to choose for Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, all of your life God will keep reaching out and hoping for you to come.

Keep this one-line-prayer in mind, to pray in times of need:

“Lord Jesus, Son of God, forgive my sins and save my soul”.

God bless you in your life!

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