Why do People surpass the Flowers?

People seem to be like flowers: we live for a short while and bloom, then we fade and life is over. But is that really true? Is life simply ending after death or is there more? What will happen to your most inner being, your soul, after this life?

The website www.flowerexcel.com intends to show you the way to find peace with God now and how to find eternal life in Heaven after this life. Learn how God is a reality and how it is possible to find Him. Read how you are most valuable to Him and how God has proven His love for you.

Find out how it is possible to have the connection with God restored, how to receive forgiveness for all the things you did wrong in life. Learn how to start a new life, a beautiful life with hope and future.

Our Mission

The Flowerexcel-website has the mission to show people the way to find real peace in their hearts, how to receive forgiveness for your mistakes and how to live on eternally in Heaven after life is over. Flowerexcel wants to help visitors all over the world to find a purpose and meaning in life.

The Flowerexcel-team is not only active in hosting this website offering spiritual help, but is also part of a foundation helping people in local projects in several countries in Asia and Africa. Those are projects in education, orphanages, leprocy-help and more. All administration is done by volunteers to keep overhead-costs as low as possible.


Flowerexcel can be contacted by sending postal mail to PO Box 39F, 2140 AA Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands. You can also find Flowerexcel on Facebook and Instagram.