Ready for action

Ready for action

Finding God through Jesus Christ

Here is the practical step to find God through Jesus Christ: a prayer. Your future, in this life and eternally, can be changed by praying this serious prayer in all honesty.

We welcome you to speak out this prayer to God with a sincere heart:

Dear God,

I believe You are the Creator of heaven and earth, and of me

I believe only You can save my soul, I cannot do it myself

I believe Jesus Christ is Your Son

Lord Jesus, I believe You came to earth, died on the cross for my sins and rose from death

Please forgive me my sins and wash them away with Your blood

Thank You so much for Your sacrifice on the cross

Thank You also for having risen from death, for being alive and hearing my prayer

Lord Jesus, I now accept You as my Savior and as Lord of my life

I give my heart and myself to You

Please fill my heart with Your Holy Spirit and shower Your love, care and guidance upon me

Grant me to be an enthusiastic Christian, to follow you while always having a warm loving heart for You

Help me always to stay close to You, and please guide me all the days of my life

Help me to live my life from this day on in a good and pure way, doing good things pleasing to God

Show me Your will in my live, so I can share Your love and peace with others in the way You want me to

From now on my heart belongs to You, now and eternally

Thank You that I can be sure –because of Your Word in the Bible- that I now receive eternal life, to live it with You: now on earth and after this life in heaven with You

Your will be done in my life, in Jesus’ Name I pray,


Have you finished this prayer?

Yes, I just prayed this prayer!